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If you are looking for a balanced, realistic, sustainable, and enjoyable approach to reaching your nutrition-related goals, then Compleat Nutrition is the place for you! I recognize that you are unique and so are your nutritional needs; therefore, I take great care to meet you where you are and partner with you as you work towards achieving your health goals. Whether you are interested in losing weight, eating to fuel your athletic training, managing a medical condition (diabetes, cholesterol, celiac, etc.) or are looking to simply enjoy a healthier lifestyle, Compleat Nutrition is here for you!

Please enjoy looking through the website and getting to know me, and my honest, practical, and spirited approach to nutrition. No gimmicks, unrealistic promises, or stress! See why I believe in my approach founded on KNOWLEDGE, PARTNERSHIP, and RESULTS!

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Cristin Wipfler, MPH, RD

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No more dieting! My approach to weight management focuses on education so that you become an intuitive and mindful eater and know how to make the right choices.


As an athlete myself, I enjoy working with other athletes! Whether you are an accomplished competitor or a recreational exerciser, your body requires the right foods to fuel you through your workouts, training, and competitions.


Do you have a medical condition that can be treated or improved through proper nutrition and an exercise program? Compleat Nutrition offers nutrition counseling for a variety of medical conditions including, but not limited to:

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Health and weight man-agement are much more complex than the number you see on the scale. For many years, one’s Body Mass Index (BMI) has been the gold standard for measuring a healthy weight, but that number, too, is not always an accurate depiction of a person’s health/weight.


Do you get excited about eating healthy only to walk into the grocery store and feel completely overwhelmed by all of the choices, brands, and health claims? What to choose? What to believe?


With experience presenting to corporations, schools, and communities, Cristin can provide valuable information on a variety of topics to meet your needs.

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