The impact Cristin had on my marathon training could not be overstated. She explained my body's nutritional needs during intense fitness training with simple terms and analogies and then she coached me on the foods that would optimize my performance on race day. One of the things I loved about our discussions was that she not only demonstrated knowledge and technical expertise, but she also is very active and involved in her own races so she knows from first-hand experience. My race results provided the proof to her method. I ran a personal best marathon by more than 30 minutes because I didn't run out of energy at the end. I owe that to Cristin. Thank you!

I used Cristin and her firm to help me train for my first marathon. I had started a year earlier and was only vaguely familiar with how nutrition and hydration could affect my performance during a long race. Cristin helped me put in a plan to stay hydrated during high mileage weeks. She also trained me on how modest changes to my diet could be leveraged into positive results during the race. I’m happy to report that I beat my goal time and was lucky to have the nutrition and hydration information necessary to finish the race strong.

Cristin has been a part of my daughter’s and my life for almost two and a half years. During this time she has been not only a knowledgeable and helpful resource for developing healthy meals and eating patterns, but has been a support and friend during a difficult and at times, highly emotional time. Fortunately, with Cristin’s help and continuing guidance, my daughter has been able to internalize and maintain eating habits that she can follow and that have helped her achieve her goals. She is a much happier and healthier teenager and I believe, will be able to carry the lessons she has learned with her throughout her life. In addition, Cristin provided consistent communication and support to other family members, which was invaluable as we navigated our way through the past two years. Thank you Cristin for all you have done.